our inspiration

Bhakti is Devotion.

It is an ancient path of communion with Divine Love, as the essential nature of all Life.     

Masala is a Spicy Blend.   

Here, it speaks to the beauty and diversity of life, our fusion of musical genres and our Universal Love, by and beyond all names and forms.

Home is Sanctuary.  

Home is in our deepest hearts, on the Earth, as the music of the Universe, and the Mystery of Life itself.

These songs are an offering of devotion and celebration of living in the present moment, awake to the gift of life on Earth.   

Molto Grazie!

Thanks to our families, and community  who love, support and walk with us.

Vast Gratitude to collaborators Marc Lionetti and Ben Leinbach; your willing “YES,” genius, and love made this album possible.  To Jai Uttal, words cannot convey our gratitude for the generosity of your spirit, beautiful heart, and the inspiration of your artistry and devotion.  Special thanks to ‘Cello Man’ Eugene Friesen, Phoebe Hunt, Allen Sanders, and Jen Lucas for your beautiful contributions.  Gratitude to Krishna Das for blessing our integrating elements of his melodies on Union and Liberation.

A deep bow to Vanessa Stone, Sensei Dr. B., Sri Neem Karoli Baba Maharajji, eternal soul companions on the Way.  To Jai Uttal and Krishna Das for igniting the Kirtan movement in the West. 

May you and all you touch flourish and shine.

Heartfelt thanks to all funding campaign contributors! 

Especially to…

Executive Producers: Vincent and Antonia Marmo, Terra Williams 

Producers: Amrita Moor and Winna Lee Zeeb

Honorable Mention Support: Kizzy Hannibal, Kerry Smith, Caroline Riley Carberry, Neesa Ma Kuumba Piazza, Bronwin Rhodes, Jessie Rey Howard, Suzanne Stull, Elissa and Stu Shapiro, Carrie Contey and Clark Richards.